I sold my:

Gold & silver coins and bars

Gold Buyers International gave me a great price for my gold and silver!

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We sold our:

Old scrap gold & silver jewelery

Our silver and gold jewelery that was broken and out of fashion paid our bills!

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I sold my:

Mother's diamond engagement ring I inherited

It was easy and the rate and service I got were excellent!

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I sold my:

Rolex watch when things got tough

They buy used Swiss watches, that helped me get back on my feet...fast!

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They helped us:

"We feel G.B.I. is a very reputable and helpful service. We were very pleased with the offers for the gold and diamonds which we received. We were also delighted with the remodeling of our very sentimental pieces!".

- William S. & Bella B

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Gold & Silver coins and bars

gold buyerDo you have gold or silver coins or bars? We offer you a one-on-one estimate / consultation. This way you know what your valuble assets are worth and we can liquidate your precious metals and give you cash in hand.

Gold and silver have held special sentimental and industrial value for man since the beginning of recorded history.

This still holds true today; gold prices have skyrocked in recent years. Silver and platinum also share this demand from collectors and specialized industries that rely heavily on these metals for important modern uses.

However, with supply limited by geography, politics and hoarding, prices can be volatile at best.

Let Gold Buyers International--with years of experience in the area--guide you through the minefield of precious metal sales and steer you towards the path of knowledge and profit.  With us you can count on a well-informed, free consultation.


Click here to contact us by E-mail for an appointment, call us, or just walk-in! We look forward to serving you!


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