About us

Gold Buyers InternationalOur Founder, Mr. Tourgeman has extensive experience and training in gold and precious metals trading and appraisal. With apprenticeship and craftsman training in the gold, silver and diamond industry he brings this and his in-depth knowledgde to Montreal, Quebec, Canada and now, to you!

Now we took over Gold Rush in Lasalle to serve you even better.

You can see our on-site jewelry and watch repair facilities are ready to get your valuables back into the game. Whether you trade in precious metals, have inherited (and unfamiliar with the field) or just want to sell your gold chains, we treat you with respect, fairness and honesty. Come see us last for the best price and the best service.

We believe that giving you the best rate for your valuables is only part of our job. We know many of our clients are new to the whole concept of selling gold, silver or jewelry so we take time to ensure you are comfortable, well-informed and happy with the outcome.

We value you as a long-term client, so expect us to assist you in making all your gold, silver and jewelry decisions the wisest possible.


Click here to contact us by E-mail for an appointment for your free estimate, call us, or just walk-in! We look forward to serving you!

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